• Lunch Specials

      MON - FRI 11:00 PM - 3:00 PM

    • Arroz con pollo


      Grilled chicken breast, onions, peppers, mushrooms & cheese sauce. Substitute chicken for steak or shrimp. $16.95

    • Burritos Gemelos


      Two burritos with chicken or beef, topped with
      cheese sauce, lettuce and pico de gallo. Served
      with rice and refried beans

    • Chilaquiles Rojos

    • Chile Relleno

    • Chimichanga

    • Deli Quesadilla


      Flour tortilla, cheese, shredded chicken or beef or bbq pulled pork
      served with lettuce, sour cream and pico de gallo.

    • Enchiladas Tricolor


      One chicken, one beef and one cheese enchilada
      topped with three color souces, Served with rice
      and choice of black or refried beans

    • Enchiladas Verdes


      3 Enchiladas smothered in green sauce.
      Served w / cheese, lettuce, sour cream, Rice
      & Beans

    • Fajita Chicken Or Steak


      Served w/rice & beans

    • Fajita Quesadilla


      Large flour tortilla, cheese, grilled chicken or
      steak, onions and green pappers, served with
      lettuce, sour cream and pico de gallo

    • Fajita Salad


      Grilled Chicken or Steak, onions, peppers
      lettuce, cheese, sour cream & pico in a taco bowl.

    • Grilled Chiken Salad


      Grilled chicken breast romaine lettuce, tomato,
      onions, green pappers and avocado.
      Choise of dressing

    • Huevos Rancheros


      Rice, beans, chorizo.

    • Steak & eggs

    • Taco Salad


      Crunchy tortilla shell, choise of chicken ir beef,
      lettuce, reffried beans, cheese, sour cream and
      pico de gallo