Burrito Texano

Burrito Texano $18.95 Large wrap up flour tortilla w/grilled chicken,steak shrimp, onions & peppers, smothered incheese sauce &served w/ rice and beans Related Items Burritos Gemelos $13.95 Steak $16.95 Burrito Deluxe Chicken $14.95 Shrimp $16.95

Burritos Gemelos

Burritos Gemelos $13.95 Two chicken or beef burritos, smothered incheese sauce. garnished w/lettuce & pico.Served w/ric & beans Related Items Shrimp $16.95 Steak $16.95 Burrito Texano $18.95 Burrito Deluxe Chicken $14.95

Large wrap up flour tortilla. Choice of meet,grilled onions & peppers, smothered in cheesesauce & served w/ rice and beans Related Items Burrito Texano $18.95 Burritos Gemelos $13.95 Steak $16.95 Shrimp $16.95